"Leaves no stone unturned . . . a great
collaborator and wildly creative."

Erin Paul
Director of Design Strategy,
Trinity Brand Group, Chicago

"Professional, prolific and highly talented."
Mike Kerr
Creative Director, Landor Associates

"Finds ingenious language that breaks through
in an increasingly cluttered marketplace."

Matthew Huss
Strategy Director, FutureBrand

"She knocks it out of the park every time."
Mark Williams
Managing Partner, Mortar Advertising

"My best naming experience ever. I absolutely
want to work with Susan again. She's awesome."

Brett Goodwin
VP of Platform Strategy and Products, MessageYes

"She's professional, fast, and most importantly, highly creative."
Alder Yarrow
Chief Experience Officer, Cibo

"I recommend Susan to anyone looking for
a creative, passionate, professional namer."

Eddie Huai
Founder & CEO, Flyby Ventures

"Consistently delivers highly unique
and uniquely creative names."

Drew Letendre
VP of Brand Strategy, BrandingBusiness

"An inspiring thinker who opens minds
with her explorations and concepts."

Michelle Crowe
Senior Manager of Creative Marketing,
Banana Republic

"Brings a deep understanding of
branding issues to every project."

Nan Budinger
Owner, Metaphor Name Consultants

"Thinks outside the box and creatively
covers every angle
Terresa (Christenson) Zimmerman
VP of Marketing, Innovaro

"Her deliverables are always on time
and hit the mark strategically."

Sarah McCrea
Director of Strategy and Insights,
Trinity Brand Group, San Francisco

"Highly creative, nimble, and exceedingly
accomodating as twists and turns arise."

Cedar Mathis
Project Director, Michael Osborne Design

"Balances a high degree of creativity
with a pragmatic grasp of the details."

Kimball Wilkins
Senior Director, Market Strategy & Insights,
Blue Shield of California

"We’ve been getting great response to both
the product and its name.
Warren Katz
Chief Marketing Officer, iDevices

"We continue to love and embrace
our new name.
Josh Merrill
Creative Leverage, Carta

"Consistently delivers top results under
tight deadline pressure."

Frank Binney
Principal, Frank Binney & Associates

"A thoughtful and creative partner who always
delivers a well-rounded list of names."

Georgia Thunes
EVP of Creative Strategy, Sterling Brands

"I highly recommend Susan to anyone looking
for a talented, professional naming expert."

Laurie Kreisberg
Client Director, Trinity Brand Group, San Francisco


"...an inspiring thinker who opens minds with her concepts. "

"She knocks it out of
the park every time."