Working with me is streamlined and simple.
• We discuss all key strategic considerations:
your brand, target audience, competitive
landscape, and more.
• We agree to a set of naming objectives and
themes to explore.
• I create a wide range of names for you
to consider.
• You pick your shortlist of favorites.
• I reality-check your shortlist with a preliminary
USPTO trademark and URL search.

Lather, rinse, repeat.
• I create a refinement round of names, based
on your feedback.
• You pick your final shortlist of favorites.
• I do another preliminary USPTO trademark
and URL search.
• Your attorney vets your final candidate(s)
for full trademark availability.

All in a day’s work?
Agencies, I can get you a great list of 100+ names
within 24 hours, but more lead time gives the ideas simmering in the back of my mind a chance to cook. I recommend at least three days if your timetable can accommodate it.

Invest in the process.

Your brand will live
with its name for a
long, long time.

these places and more!)